Automated radiation monitoring system for KhNPP Печать

The automated system of the internal and external irradiation doses control and the stay control of the staff in controllable zone of Khmelnitsky NPP


The ultimate goal of KhNPP automated radiation monitoring system development was to develop the system, which had to comply ALARA principle, national radiation safety rules, NNEGC Energoatom regulations and NPP security rules.


So, the project included:

  • research and development work in development of the radiation monitoring system consumption;
  • development and implementation of the system software and hardware. 


The first part of the work consisted of the international (primarily IAEA) and national safety standards examination, development of the monitoring system structure, development of the computational personnel irradiation model according best national and international practice. The monitoring system structure includes information acquisition and decision making process. Information is collected from all available information sources – the measurement results of the automated NPP premises radiation monitoring system, both external and internal irradiation of the personnel, takes into account the results of the personnel medical examination, the personnel compliance to the security demands, personnel dosimeters readings, etc.


The decision making consists of the issuing of the permissions to radiation-dangerous works, which takes into account the persons’ irradiation history, possible irradiation during future works, etc. The result of the project was the automated system, which controls the personnel radiation monitoring. This system works with the help of 2900 TLD dosimeters and 400 digital dosimeters.