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Lutej Village, located on the picturesque banks of the Kiev reservoir, 30 km from Kiev.


The first mention of it found in the annals of 975 years, and early settlement remains found in the vicinity of the Village (VII – VIII,  X - XII centuries). It is also known for its military history


The State Museum-Preserve "Battle of Kyiv in 1943"


State Museum-Reserve "Battle of Kyiv in 1943" is a historical and cultural complex, founded on March 20, 1945. The museum-reserve comprises: the reserved territory with an area of 9.2 h, with the saved 650 m of connection path, shelters, observation points, samples of military equipment of the war time, established on the reserved territory; the monument-museum to the liberation of Kyiv, built in 1958; the diorama “Battle of Kyiv, Lutej place of arms. 1943” was opened for exhibiting in 1980, where there are located stationary exhibition of the “Battle of Kyiv”, the diorama and the hall of changeable exhibition.


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The displays of the museum-reserve tell about the events of the autumn of 1943, - forcing of the Lyutezh place of arms, the process of the Kyiv offensive operation on the liberation of the capital of Ukraine.



Special prides of the museum are his dioramas. The biggest one is “Battle of Kyiv, Lutej place of arms. 1943”. Another attraction of the museum - the only exhibition in Ukraine, "Uniforms and weapons," gathered the crumbs from private collections, including - foreign.



Savka’s Khutir is an ethnographic open-air museum of Ukrainian culture


It situated in 6 km from Kyiv, Ukraine. On the territory of museum located two authentic farmsteads of 1786 and 1854 with the age-old interior.




Here you will see the beehives, the drying barn, the gypsy forge, the well and the cellar.


Historical and cultural heritage of our museum consists of different clay products of XIX century (pots, pitchers, bowls etc.), household items of XVIII – XIX century,  craft tools (weaver and joiner’s machine tool, potter’s wheel, smith’s stuff etc.).


                                           img_4527    img_1


There are conducted cognitive excursions, festive actions, master classes and appearances of folk collectives. At the reception you’ll taste dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, prepared in a stove by archaic recipes.





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Training Center is located at the recreation center in the heart of a forest on the picturesque banks of the Kiev reservoir. 35 km from Kiev.


The center can accomodate up to 56 person in detached houses with 2- and 3-person rooms.


Meeting and conference facilities are available: 2 conference halls, banquet hall up to 250 persons.


Guests can also take advantage of the center's facilities such as BBQ, billiards, table tennis, bar, volleyball court,  swings.


You can also see Lutej attractions.


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