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“AKWin” software is designed for operation of measurements and self-acting treatment of spectrums. “AKWin” software lets minimum trained operators make routine measurements and at the same time is a universal remedy for professionals who conduct nuclear researches.


 “AKWin” software is designed for operation of measurements and self-acting treatment of spectrums. “AKWin” software lets minimum trained operators make routine measurements and at the same time is a universal remedy for professionals who conduct nuclear researches.


“AKWin” allows solving the most tasks in nuclear radiation spectrometry area, is remarkable for optimum algorithms, good mathematics, proper calculation of measurement errors, possibility of self-acting transmission of measurements results to databases.



“AKWin” software operates in Windows medium and support “plug and play” technology, received officially from “Microsoft” company.


“AKWin” software is applied for measurement operation; treatment of got spectrums (alpha, beta, gamma) for definition of contained in the measured sample radio-nuclides and their specific/ absolute activity; documentation of treatment results; providing of different spectrometer calibrations; spectrum saving.

Availability of brief “operator’s description” for different monitoring and measurements tasks in addition to complete documentation lets attendants become familiar with measurement procedures quickly.


  • "Start”, “stop”, “cleaning”, “comparing”, “observation” modes of operation.
  • Exposition control by “live” or “real” time, “without exposition restriction.
  • Tooling of corresponding modes of operation. For example, “buffer cleaning and observation engaging by measurement starting”, “self-acting spectrum treatment by spectrum comparing” etc.
  • ADC parameters tooling
  • Group operation possibility (poly-detectors systems).
  • Measurements programming, cyclic measurements.


  • Self-acting peaks searching.
  • Availability of different algorithms for peaks searching.
  • Multi-pleats decomposition – up to 25 peaks.
  • Self-acting background subtraction.
  • Peaks searching and spectrum treatment in on-line mode of operation.
  • Different types of spectrum treatment.
  • Radio-nuclides identification and calculation of their activity.
  • Calculation of specific activity of initial sample taking into account sampling and preparations of samples (drying, radiochemical nuclide detachment).
  • Activity calculation for any time moment (sample endurance).
  • Taking into account of short-living radio-nuclides decay.
  • Taking into account of registration efficiency from sample density.
  • Self-acting calculation of activity “by one touch”.
  • Express-control mode for not-exceeding radio-nuclides activity of control (permissible levels).


  • Big quantity of standard transactions.
  • Possibility to create any form of data giving out transaction (transaction maker).
  • Giving our of treatment results to printer.
  • Record of treatment results at the disc.
  • Possibility to transmit treatment results to the databases.
  • Possibility to transmit transaction to Word, Excel, etc. for inclusion into reports.


  • Energy calibration modes.
  • Self-acting sub-calibration by known source.
  • Energy resolution calibration mode.
  • 4 methods of efficiency calibration.
  • Creation of any quantity of measurement lines (different calibrations and tooling).
  • Selection of measurement lines.

Possibility of work with radio-nuclides library:

  • To create any quantity of “user’s” libraries in the disc.
  • To insert, edit, add and delete entries from the library.
  • To transmit them from library to library.
  • To print content of library to display or printer.

Providing of measurements quality:

  • Proper calculation and taking errors into account.
  • Self-acting and on-line background control.
  • Check of capacity for work by control sample.
  • Check of spectrum decomposition quality by response function.



 Self-acting energy sub-calibration.
  • Self-acting efficiency sub-calibration.
  • Giving out of textual information messages to operator.
  • Possibility of achievement of continuous information technology: “measurement-spectrum treatment- results transmit to database”.


  • Efficiency registration calculation module for samples of complicated configuration.
  • Systems for databases operation (“Radio-ecolog” , “Construction materials”, “SICH”, “Sources”).
  • Systems for databases operation, elaborated by technical task of the customer.
  • “Nuclide-master” program, that lets:
  • View decay diagram for the chosen nuclide with creating list of alpha- and gamma-lines.
  • Make nuclides activity calculation by decay chain for the given time.
  • Represent in dynamics nuclides activity changing by decay chain for the given time interval.
  • Get alpha- and gamma- spectrums for the chosen nuclide within the given time taking into account daughter nuclides by all decay chain.

“AKWin” software is complex tested and tooled taking into account individual customer’s demands.



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