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Post Chernobyl Experience Description. 



The main needs for radiation control laboratories after nuclear catastrophe are instruments that allow determine qualitative and quantitative radionuclides content in the sample - radiation spectrometers (not dosimeters), techniques of sample taking, preparation and measuring, skilled stuff (training).

We have more than 20 years experience in all this position – experience of solving problem after Chornobyl incident and propose to you complex solution: 

    1. instrument for measuring – gamma, beta and alpha spectrometers
    2. software that include a 25 years experience of hundred users of foodstuff and environmental control after Chornobyl catastrophe
    3. different techniques for sample preparation and measuring
    4. installation
    5. training and information support

The main part of spectrometers are: detection unite (gamma, beta or alpha), shield for detector unite (for protection measuring sample from background), software for measuring control and automatic spectra processing, PC and printer.




Research and Production Enterprise “AKP” -  “Atom Komplex Prylad” (Prylad – “equipment” or “instrument”, ukr.) was founded in 1989 by scientists, engineers and designers from Academy of Science, research institutions and production enterprises with objective to design and implement in laboratories and bodies highly reliable instruments, software, database and automatic information systems for radiation control and radiation monitoring of foodstuff, water, soil, building material and other samples of environmental and propose to customers the complex solution with corresponding services: techniques of sample preparation and measuring, approved with legal way, installation and training. It was very urgent necessity for Ukraine and around countries after Chornobyl incident. Company was rewritten in September 1991 (after Ukraine independence). 



First product that was put on the market was software for measuring control and automatic spectra processing “AK-1” (prototype of “AkWin”). Based on experience in software production for determine specific activity of radionuclides in the firs circuit of research nuclear reactor in Nuclear Research Institute, the optimum algorithms was realized. Personal experience with working with different software after Chornobyl for measure samples was embodying in user’s interface. Take into account that after Chernobyl catastrophe in radiation measurements many peoples that are not family with nuclear physics ware involved, the software include many control modes, which allow not skilled operators get an accurate results. To-day proposed software “AkWin” include not only personal  experience of author, but 20 years experience of hundreds users of this software from different laboratories and different skilled operators.

The special measuring mode of software “AkWin” allow unique possibility to do very quickly control for not exceed permissible level of radionuclides concentration. This is very important for mass-control of food.



At the beginning of the company activity hardware for spectrometers ware bought from existing enterprises, collect, test with homemade software and sale to customer.


After few years we start produce all part of spectrometers ourselves. “AKP” produce gamma-spectrometers (Spectrometers of Energy Gamma) with scintillation (SEG-001 “AKP-S”) and HpGe (high purity germanium) detectors (SEG-002 “AKP-P”). 


 SEG-001 "AKP-S"

We put a lot attention to design of shield for detectors.Opposite competitors,  our shield is easy installed and reinstalled, remove and decontaminate.


The spectrometer with HpGe detector has good resolution, but are much more expensive than scintillation spectrometers and more difficult and expensive in execution (detector need cooling with  liquid nitrogen or electric cooling). It has smaller efficiency than scintillation detector. We do not have production the HpGe detectors in Ukraine.

Scintillation spectrometers have more high efficiency, very easy in use, chipper in production and execution. We have scintillation material in Ukraine. This is why we put a lot of attention to scintillation spectrometers.  The only one minus if compare with HpGe – not so good resolution.

Our purpose was to compensate this minus. And we did this with using mathematic modeling and calibration. Thanks for our software now we can solve all task of radiation control for foodstuff, building material, water and so on with scintillation spectrometers. Since 1992 control of constructing materials that have natural radioactivity (radium, thorium, potassium) are controlled with our SEG-001 “AKP-S” in Ukraine. The technique of measuring is approving by Ministry of Health. 



The other problem that grows after Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe and was much more difficult for solving than gamma radiation control, was control of specific activity of strontium - 90, that is pure beta-emitted radionuclide. The nature of beta radiation is so that it can not be detecting as easy gamma radiation. The classic way is radiochemical separation (special equipped laboratories, high skilled staff, long time sample processing with burning, acid treating, 14 days waiting and than measuring with beta-calculator and than recalculation impulse to activity).  



 Beta-spectrometer SEB-01-70


Our company proposed and implements instrumental determination of strontium-90 with scintillation beta-spectrometers SEB-01 (Spectrometer of Energy Beta).  At the beginning SEB-01-70 that allows refuses radiochemical separation of strontium-90 from the sample and use only physical concentration. Than we develop beta-spectrometer SEB-01-150 with larger detector, that allow detect specific activities of the srtontiun-90 during few hours, and not exceeding permissible level for 20-30 min. Parallel with beta spectrometer development and introduce them in practice use, a lot of techniques of sample preparation and  measuring were produced and approved.




Beta-gamma spectrometers SE-BG-150-63 


Now we can propose to customers stay alone beta and gamma spectrometers or join beta-gamma spectrometers in different configuration.



Our beta and gamma spectrometers were approved by IAEA. We are official supplier of IAEA TC project since 1992.  Opposite Ukraine, they ware supplied to Belarusian, Russian, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Thailand

To-day we produce both HpGe and scintillation gamma spectrometers, beta-spectrometers, alpha-spectrometers in different modification. They are widely use in Ukraine and other FSU countries in different regions of activities: NPP, sanitary-epidemiological laboratories of Ministry of Health, certification laboratories of State Standard Comity, scientific and control laboratories of Forest State Comity, in Pharmacy production facilities, in State enterprises of Ministry of Emergency Affairs in Chornobyl Zone, in Sarcophagus for control aerosol filter for beta and gamma radiations, in production facilities of meet and milk products, in veterinary laboratories, in school laboratories, in laboratories of food market, cereal inspections and so on. More than 300 different spectrometers ware install.



More than 40 units of whole body counters (WBC) ware installing after first 2-3 years after Chernobyl catastrophe in hospitals for control incorporate radionuclides in human body and in thyroid gland. Now 2 unite of WBC are in production for Chernobyl object Shelter.



The philosophy of our company is: all measuring results have be save, all saving results have process , all process results have be analyze, all result of analyze have be transfer to higher level for make decision. Our software “AkWin” save all measuring spectra and result of spectra processing can be transfer for our or customer database for storage and analysis. We develop and introduced in 9 contaminated Ukrainian regions databases “Radioecolog”, IDK (individual dose control), “Aqua” (for drinking ware control in Kiev), IDK for Chornobyl NPP for control personal and dose calculation, automatic system for dose calculation and control of personal resided in control zone for KhNPP.




2      3 

               STPK-01         MSSGL "AZOT-16"


We design and produce spectrometric equipment for radiation control of process important for safety of NPP: the spectrometric complex STPK-01 for maintenance of the discrete – continuous operative control of specific activity of iodine radio-nuclides (131J-135J) in a wide range of values of the coolant in the basic (first) circuit of the nuclear reactor VVER-1000, spectrometers of gamma – radiation SEG-001m "АКP-S"-SRAW  for determine the activity of radionuclides of solid non-sorted radioactive wastes in primary packages on places of formation of radioactive wastes,  the monitoring system of steam generator leaks MSSGL «АZOT-16» for a continuous control of leak values of the coolant from the first circuit to the second by the means of registration of gamma radiation of the isotope 16N in the live steam. 


For all our customers we propose installation, training, warranty and after warranty services.

We have big experience in training different skilled operators to work with spectrometers (individual and group training). We organized and provided training for not skilled in radiation measurement users during first years after Chornobyl catastrophe, we always do training during and after installation. Every year together with Ukrainian Nuclear Society we organize work shop for information and training our customers. Together with European Centre of Technological Safety (TESEC) we organize and provide training “Post-Accident Radiation Monitoring Techniques” with classroom instruction; field training; exercises in high contaminated areas of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, measuring sample with beta and gamma spectrometers, in situ gamma spectroscopy. We have training facilities 35 km from Kiev


Our company has staff that have personal experience in measurement exactly after Chernobyl catastrophe and staff with big experience in design equipment, software production, production hardware, organize training and training, custom services, internationally business doing, communication with IAEA and government bodies.   


For more than 20 years of our activity we grow from company that sale equipment to company that can propose to customers complex solution for radiation control and radiation monitoring.



The principal aim of leaders and all staff of RPE “Atom Komplex Prylad” is to produce high-quality, competitive, safe and profitable products, meeting consumer’s demand and complying requirements of national and international standards.

Achievement of the declared policy is ensured by functioning in the enterprise of the quality system based on DSTU ISO 9001:2001 standards. The quality system is based on the following principles:

  • responsibility for product quality;
  • observance and implementation of quality policy by all staff of the enterprise;
  • continuous marketing research and determination of specific consumers requirements;
  • selection and evaluation of suppliers in respect to their possibility of contact requirements implementation;
  • use of progressive technologies and procedures, providing quality management on all stages of designing, producing, control and testing of products;
  • application of complex adjusting and cautionary measures aiming revelation, analysis and elimination of potential reasons of discrepancy;
  • granting the consumers of possibility to control ability of the enterprise to ensure the given quality level.

Quality system of the enterprise is certified by the State Standard Committee of Ukraine.

The enterprise passed audit of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company NNEGC ENERGOATOM and included in the lists of official suppliers of NPPs.



The testing laboratory of RPE “AtomKomplexPrylad” (TL “AKP”) is accredited according DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPETENCE OF TESTING AND CALIBRATION LABORATORIES.


Besides, the laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine for the right to conduct radiology measurements and researches (a license №180 from 13.10.00.)



    • measurement of radionuclides content in product samples, as well as radiology control for food-stuffs, building materials, forestry, environment objects;
    • attestation for building raw materials and articles by radiation safety figures;
    • testing of polymeric materials for radiation resistance, capacity for decontamination, resistance for influence of decontaminating and aggressive mediums;
    • testing of equipment for treatment of radioactive waste by radiation safety figures;
    • testing of systems for dosimetry and radiation monitoring for reliability of registration of radiation field parameters;
    • easurement of articles for resistance to influence of external climatic and mechanical factors;
    • testing for meeting of technical terms by all items, specified above.

TL “AKP” carries out research product tests in the declared accreditation region aiming to set the product in meeting with all fixed requirements.


    • Radiation and radiation-safety equipment
    • Electronic equipment and components, electric apparatus. X-ray apparatus, radiological equipment.
    • Devices for measurement of physical and chemical matters; medical ones.
    • Products of nuclear industry.
    • Products of extractive industry.
    • Products of agricultural, food, textile, tanning industry, forestry, fish industry, hunting.
    • Products of timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry.
    • Cable, rubber technical products.
    • Building, lacquer-paint, polymeric, mineral materials.
    • Building, electro-isolation articles.
    • Elements and capacities for radioactive matters.
    • Technological protection means.
    • Services for assembling, maintenance, repair of equipment.

We provide you with best solution for radiation food stuff and environmental monitoring and control for guarantee your safety

in the word after nuclear accident



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Radiological monitoring Grotto Gigante (Trieste , Italy)

Radiological monitoring Grotto Gigante (Trieste , Italy)


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