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Summer School

Post-Accident Radiation Monitoring Techniques

17 to 23 June 2018

17 to 23 June annual Summer School "Post-Accident Radiation Monitoring Techniques" was held.


At the training facility in Glebovka, participants from 5 countries have mastered modern methods and techniques for conducting radiation monitoring after a nuclear accident.


Theoretical part includes overveiw of emergency monitoring and gamma-spectrometry, include methods, sampling and instruments.


P6183670    P6193783


Students had practical drill of personal protection, contamination monitoring and decontamination technique.  


P6203877_cr  P6203877_cr  P6203877_cr


All the subtleties and possible mistakes in these exercises were explained by an experienced instructors.


P6203936  P6204008  P6204001


Participants mastered in-situ measurement and sampling methods and techniques.


P6204030    P6204038_1


All student were allowed to work with different equipment, collect and evaluate data of samples.


P6193780  P6204091  P6204058

Soil sampling in protection clothes - good practice before in-field training at exclusion zone. 

P6204161  P6204195_1  P6204206

"Safety first" - the main rule for all, who going to visit contamination zone.

P6203877_cr  P6203877_cr  P6203877_cr

As traditional part of course students visited Chernobyl city and some abandoned villages in Zone.

P6214312    P6214307

Summit of training is practical workshop in Chernobyl exclusion zone. 

P6214335    P6214379

 Collecting data and apply all knowledge in “real” conditions.

P6214399    P6214424

Practical task is the best opportunity to realize what action should be done during different phases of the accident.

P6214412    P6214488

Chernobyl NPP an eternal reminder of the importance of the gained knowledge. 

P6214496    P6214544

Excursions to Pripyat obligatory part of the course.

P6214537    P6214558

Impressive abandoned city and the opportunity to use equipment to detect "hot spots"

P6214576_1   P6214581_1   P6214585_1

Data evaluation of dose rate and contamination survey. 

Main aspects of decision-making based on the collected data.

P6224680   P6224653   P6224664

Finally, 5 days of hard work end with certificates and real "team" feelling. 

P6224706    P6224710

Kyiv city worth to see! Walking excursion around historical part for good mood and good memories!

P6224720  P6224717  P6224721



New information about PRS-01

New information about PRS-01

New information about PRS-01


Section : Instruments for NPP's | SEG-001m "АКP-S"-SRAW

Section : Instruments for NPP's | SEG-001m

  The spectrometer for determine the activity of radionuclides of solid non-sorted radioactive wast... Read more...

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