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Clipboard01 Complex Research of Earthquake’s Prediction Possibilities, Seismicity and Climate Change Correlations


The purpose of project BlackSeaHazNet is development of long-term research cooperation through coordinated joint program of researcher’s exchange.


The base is Complex Program for research of possibility for forecast earthquake’s time, place (epicenter, depth), magnitude and intensity using reliable precursors.


Precursors research includes regional geophysical and seismological monitoring, monitoring of water sources and their Radon, Helium, Mercury concentrations, crust temperature, monitoring of electromagnetic field under, on, and above Earth surface, meteorological monitoring, including earthquake clouds and electrical charge distributions, near space monitoring, aimed to estimate Earth, Sun and space (cosmic rays) origins of variations, and biological precursors.




In this project participated engineer of RPE "AKP" Igor Kachalin. In 2013, he visited a number of caves in Italy and Slovenia in order to detect pollution Cs137, formed as a result of the Chernobyl accident. 

He also took part in the pilot study, the possibility of monitoring the concentration of radon in caves with mobile gamma spectrometry in situ (measurements were made using PRS – 01 Portable recorder of spectra).


The main objectives of this research were:

  • warning exposure of personnel and visitors of caves, with the possible breakout of radon;
  • dynamic observation of variations in radon concentration as precursor of earthquakes.

The study proved the effectiveness of using a portable scintillation gamma spectrometer for continuous and real-time monitoring of changes in radon concentration in caves, as an alternative for now-used instruments for measuring radon.

Full project report can be downloaded here.



Summer School "PARM 2018"

Summer School

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Section : Instruments for NPP's | SEG-001m "АКP-S"-SRAW

Section : Instruments for NPP's | SEG-001m

  The spectrometer for determine the activity of radionuclides of solid non-sorted radioactive wast... Read more...

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