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Gamma-spectrometer SEG-001p “AKP-S” is designed for determination of qualitative and quantitative composition of gamma-emission radionuclides in field and in laboratory conditions, search of radioactive sources and anomalies, gamma-survey of surface, gamma inspection of holes.


The spectrometer is designed for operation in wide range of temperatures, in vibration conditions, in conditions of raised humidity and dusting. The spectrometer can be used in rigid external conditions: by emergency, in situ, in mobile laboratories, in industrial and remote premises.




  • Multi-channel amplitude analyzer “ABA”
  • Scintillation detection unit NaJ (TI)
  • Shield
  • Built-in software “AK1-P”


 Number of channels, not less than


 Differential non-linearity, %


 Integral non-linearity, %


 Power supply

220 V / 12 V/built-in accumulator /

external accumulator

 Operation time using built-in accumulator, hours


 Range of operation temperatures, 0C


 Protection from dust and humidity



liquid crystal indicator screen

(4 lines with 20 marks)

 Control:  by computer through a socket RS-232

 Time of information storage in the memory



Lead shields are easily disassembled and transferred by one person, that lets measure samples as in the mobile laboratory, as develop a measuring post in temporary premises.

The spectrometer can be completed with:

  • set of replaceable scintillation detectors Nal (TI) with crystals dimensions 40x40, 63x63, 100x50, 150x100 mm;
  • submergence and hole detectors of different diameter and for different depths.
  • tripod with adjustable height of detector  installation above the surface of ground
  • safety plastic case for detectors for work in field conditions.

The spectrometer allows:

  • Carry out field measurements of gamma-emission radionuclides’ activity in ground for design of maps of pollution in wide range.
  • Register changes of speed of account from detector for calculating of doze rate with step-type behavior up to 1 sec. during movement of the laboratory or the operator.
  • Carry out measurements of specific activity in the samples and environments in laboratory conditions.
  • Carry out search for radioactive sources and anomalies.


Radiological monitoring Grotto Gigante (Trieste , Italy)

Radiological monitoring Grotto Gigante (Trieste , Italy)

Radiological monitoring Grotto Gigante (Trieste , Italy)


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