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Other projects


Designing, creation and installation monitoring systems in 9 contaminated after Chornobyl accidents regions of Ukraine:  

“Radioecolog” -  for collection, storage and analysis of data by radioactive condition of atmosphere, ponds, inhabited localities, specific activity of food products and so on.

“Construction materials and premises” - for creation and keeping of databases for radioactive control of construction materials/ articles/ and premises.
“Individual dose control” - for accumulation and processing information of individual dose of  professional  and keeping of individual dose control cards, and also keeping of data bank for individual inhabitants’ control. 
“AKVA” - is designed for control of radiation concentration in any source of drinking water, control of water refinement efficiency, radiology monitoring branchy water supplying system and refinement of inhabited localities sewages. System is working in Kyiv since 1996.

Designing, creation and installation at “Shelter” of the integrated system data management of internal and external personal irradiation (contribution of Ukraine to SIP).

Project “Application Development Outsourcing to the New Independent States” (Pilot Trial reference: NAUS-5). 

Software for a Micro-Strip Metal Foil Detector (MFD) is a relatively new device and an alternative approach to the task of charged particle beam profile monitoring. MFD is a device, which measures a flux of charged particles by means of the charge integration originated in a set of thin metal foils due to the Secondary Electron Emission .

Development, production and implementation of beta spectrometers SEB-01-150 and SEB-01-70 for determination of the specific activity of beta-emitted radionuclides.

Production and implementation of gamma-ray spectrometers SEG-001 “AKP-S”, in various modifications with wide region of use.

Development of measurement and sample preparation procedures, approved in legal way, training and consulting.

Annual summer school “Post-Accident Radiation Monitoring Techniques.”



Peseption in the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

Peseption in the Embassy of Japan  in Ukraine

Peseption in the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine




Beta-spectrometers are designed for measuring of beta-emission radionuclides in the environmental samples, foo... Read more...

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