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fax: (38044) 502 89 18
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st. Magnitogorskaya,1, Kyiv


(38044) 501 49 07
факс: (38044) 502 89 18
email: akp@akp.kiev.ua
м. Київ, вул. Магнітогорська, 1

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"ATOMKOMPLEXPRYLAD" Research & Production Enterprise, Ltd. guarantees the compliance of products with the requirements of GOST 27451-87 standard on the assumption that the Customer duly observes the proper operational, storage and transportation procedures that are stipulated by the technical regulations and User Manual, for the period of 12 months from the moment of the Spectrometer’s installation by representative of the producer or certificated by producer engineer but not longer than 15 month after delivery. 


The mechanical damages, as well as the unit’s defects, that have been caused by the Customer’s non-compliance with the above mentioned requirements, or have appeared as a result of the non-authorized re-installation of the Software, will be obviated at the Customer’s expense.


The warranty period for the unit’s operation is defined as 12 months from the Spectrometer’s installation by the Manufacturer’s expert technicians or its certificated representative but not longer than 15 month after delivery. 


If any repairs are performed during the unit’s warranty period, the warranty term is extended for the duration of time passed from the submission of the warranty claim to the Spectrometer’s re-commissioning by the Manufacturer’s expert technicians. The repairs are performed at the Manufacturer’s premises.

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