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Database management systems (DBMS) “Radioecolog”, “Individual dose measurement”, “Construction materials and premises”, “AKVA”, “SICH” are designed for collection, storage and analysis of radiation condition of environment and dose rate data for a person.



Database management systems (DBMS) “Radioecolog”, “Individual dose measurement”, “Construction materials and premises”, “AKVA”, “SICH” are designed for collection, storage and analysis of radiation condition of environment and dose rate data for a person.


All DBMS have connection interface with “AKWin” program for emission spectrum treatment, that allows accumulating information about quantitative and qualitative composition of radioactive pollution with high extend of accuracy of the base result.



Systems are elaborated on the base of reference-normative documents, direction, techniques and calculations. Normative data (VDU, NRBU, construction materials and buildings classifier, radioactive supervision zones, food classifiers, administrative-territory system, ponds, control supervision centers and other), that support DBMS, are in the reference-normative system databases. Their size and composition is determined by the user and can be changed at his discretion.


DBMS “Radioecolog” is designed for collection, storage and analysis of data by radioactive condition of atmosphere, ponds, inhabited localities, specific activity of food products and so on.


DBMS “Construction materials and premises” is designed for creation and keeping of databases for radioactive control of construction materials/ articles/ and premises.


DBMS “Individual dose control” is designed for accumulation and processing of individual dosimetry professional control information (A group) and keeping of individual dose control cards, and also keeping of data bank for individual inhabitants’ control.


DBMS“AKVA” is designed for control of radiation concentration in any source of drinking water, control of water refinement efficiency, radiology monitoring branchy water supplying system and refinement of inhabited localities sewages.

DBMS“SICh” is designed for accumulation of data for internal dose rate of staff, storage, processing and getting of output data by flexible query system. DBMS “SICh” was elaborated for executive control of individual dose rate of “Ukrytie” object and nuclear power station staff. This system can be used coupled with other systems (for example “IDK”) for complex control of dose rate of staff.



  • Transmitting of information to the databases about qualitative and quantitative composition of radionuclides in the sample direct from the spectrometers in the automatic mode.
  • On-line mode of input and adjustment of any data (including normative-technical) with testing and diagnostics of input information.
  • Transport of data from other organizations by means of floppy disk mail or modem connection (for example from the District Sanitary-Epidemiologic Station to the Provincial Sanitary-Epidemiologic Station).
  • Viewing of any database by flexible query system.
  • Identification of the saved information in on-line mode by reference-normative data bank (of inhabited localities, radionuclides, territory types and sample types).
  • Displaying or printing of necessary information or output documents in table form. Volume and forms of output documents are defined by the customer.
  • Presenting of analysis results in graphical form. Displaying and printing of graphical information.
  • Getting system references about the files.
  • Archivation of the gathered data.


DBMS are complex tested and delivered as feeders’ modules.

Systems are delivered in different configuration taking into account available machinery, needs and possibilities of the customer. A “turnkey” delivery is possible at the customer’s wishes.





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